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About Us

- Evan Archerd,  Author -
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There is an old saying, that in every family there is at least one crazy cousin. In my family, I guess that cousin is me.  The family collectively rolled their eyes and shook their heads in disbelief when I gave up the glamour and glitter of screenwriting in Hollywood for a sheep farm in Southern Oregon. But I am a country boy at heart.

I began my career in Hollywood as a songwriter and film composer.  My work in music for films eventually led  to screenwriting -  first for CBS television, then Columbia and MGM motion pictures. My latest screenplay The Man Behind The Music tells the story of Henry Lewy,  the unsung giant among the music producers/engineers of the rock ‘n roll era. The documentary has gained acclaim in film festivals around the world.


The genesis of Anna and the Pink Pony was our first Shetland pony.  Duke came home to our farm in Oregon to live out his days when he was 31 years old. My daughter began a lifelong love affair with horses saddled on his small but sturdy back. His wee size hid a huge heart.  

Horses bring magic into the lives of children. I hope a bit of that delight jumps of the page when you read this story.

- Hannah Stern, Illustrator -
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Hannah is a lifelong resident of the Pacific North West, where she dabbles in a bit of everything.  From the time she was a little girl, she had a pencil in her hand and dreams of illustrating stories..  When she's not painting, she enjoys spending time on her farm, in her studio, in the garden, and with her menagerie of critters.  She and her husband love finding new adventures together with their horses!

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