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Our Latest Adventure

Thank you for stopping by! Anna and The Pink Pony is now available on  and soon at your local bookstore. The first book in a series, Anna celebrates the magic between children and horses. We sincerely hope a bit of that magic jumps off the page when you read the story.

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Timeless story about a little girl and her love of horses

This beautifully illustrated children's book is a story that will ring true for young girts who want a pony of their own. Perfect for young readers who will get to follow along with Anna as she goes in search of a pink pony and realizes that true love is color blind.

Lorie C. List


Wonderfully-cute story for young horse lovers!

Anna's wish for a pink pony brings me back to my childhood, longing for a pony each and every day. I won't give away what happens, but the story is adorable! Children and parents alike will love reading this story and will long for more stories about Anna! I love that it includes a glossary with photos to explain "horsey' terms to those who may not yet know. Well done, Mr. Archerd. Please keep writing!

Tamara Dever


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